Me (to my ex boyfriend in a text): Hey, I need to come pick up my pink bike that's been at your house forever. When can I come and get that?

Him: Home now

So I go over there and we proceed to rehash why things didn't work out.

Me: Sometimes I have to admit I miss you.

Him: Ya, me too.


Me: But we always fought and broke up sooo much

Him: Ya, and you were not swim suit ready.

Me: I'm not fat!

Him: Ya, but you're not a model either.

Me: Thanks for reminding me why we didn't work out...



abby said…
yet another reason why your ex is an ex.
erinannie said…
Darling, we really do live parallel lives. I can't stop laughing right now.
George Marie said…
And I'm sure he is so perfect himself to be being such a twat...hope you're doing well.
mj said…
ASS indeed. Promise you won't go back to that guy when you get to that target weight you were talking about in the other post?

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