Stuff I reallly, really, really want to talk about but can't

Do you ever want to blog about somebody and even though you can use a code name for them you know there is a chance they will know you are talking about them because they read your blog (and other things)? Let's just say my Facebook stalker (I have one) has found out about my 50 dates thing through this blog and decided this was a good time to ask me out. Oh geez!


erinannie said…
My sympathies.
abby said…
Well I guess he knows that you don't like him now. :P
SJ said…
He should have known by me deleting all his comments and ignoring him and never going out with him when he's asked before.
Anonymous said…
How about a "No, I am not interested" instead of writing a blog about someone? People respond better to verbal communication and not some mystical, whimsical, implied subliminal language.
SJ said…
Oh Anonymous, I blog because I blog. I don't mention names because it would be terribly rude. If a guy ignored me and my advances and never went out with me and deleted all my comments when I posted them on his wall instead of privately messaging him and did other things I can't mention here because it might reveal who this person I'm talking about is I would take a hint. So would any sane, self-preserving person. Some things you don't need to say. You just move on. I'm not the one being obnoxious, I shouldn't have to be the one to communicate. Especially when I do not care to.
Anonymous said…
First and foremost, I apologize if I caused you any discomfort or offended you in any way. I blocked on you Facebook and Twitter. That being said, blogging is part of an alarming trend I am noticing in the Church, and one of the reasons I don't go anymore. Members of the Church in Utah LOVE to gossip, more so than anywhere else in the country. It's also interesting to see how blogging is an extension of that gossip.

It's also interesting to note about how so many people are doing the 30 or 50 dates thing. The rationale seems to be that going on as many dates as possible will result in a possible companion. When I was active in the Church and dating, it was interesting to see how many girls that I went on dates with had a "celestial checklist" and how if someone didn't match one little criteria, it was an automatic deal breaker.

I always felt out of place in our little ward in the Avenues. It's strange, because when I am at work or school, I've never had a hard time gelling with other members. Coming to a new place and trying to meet new members was very difficult when I started going to our ward. People would invite me to events and then treat me strangely when I arrived.

I hope that you find happiness and friendship in your life. You deserve it. You are bright and have a successful life and career ahead of you. Like you said, however, I am moving on. I have moved on from the Church. I have found a lot of people in my life who are accepting of me and who won't judge me because I'm not like them. They will be friends with me for who I am, and they won't make me feel like I've offended them in any way shape or form by just existing.

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