Have you over opined?

Nobody seems to read personal blogs anymore.


Steve said…
HA! It is all I read, except for the rags I have always read (Wonkette, BWE, etc.) But you know why this is happening, your little friend Twitter is killing blogs. A lot of bloggers have abandoned, yes ABANDONED, their blogs b/c they have found they don't need to even have to write a WHOLE sentence with Twitter, let alone a thought provoking paragraph with a blog. Seriously, I think people in ten years will have the the english language down to about 15 words, haha. No more conversations. That is also why I hate Twitter, now much can you really learn or know about someone in 140 characters?!?!?!? At least with a blog, I can read paragraphs about your rabbit, your mutant carrots, see pics of your Maxim poses, and see how your new business ventures are taking off! I can't get that from most peoples' Twitter accounts.

Regardless if it Twitter's fault, what came first, people stopped reading blogs or bloggers stopped blogging?!?!?!? :)
SJ said…
It is Twitter's fault, and Facebook. I find it difficult to write out a whole blog when I've just released a smidge of a thought on either one of the two. It sucks out all that creative energy.

It's like writing a book. If you talk too much about it with others, you end up not writing it anymore. It's been discussed and now the energy to do it is gone.
Steve said…
So true! Actually, I'm not on Facebook either! If I want to meet or talk with people that I don't already talk to on a regular basis, I'll have my people talk to your people, haha. Otherwise, I know how to get in touch with you if I really wanted to. :) Although, I do admit vicarious Facebook stalking.
abby said…
I'm too lazy to switch over from Google Reader which explains why I don't comment all the time on blogs anymore.

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