Genome Hacking Could Reverse-Engineer Extinct Woolly Mammoths

This, according to Wired Science



B. said…
What's this about Gene Hackman?
Steve said…
B. - HA!

SJ - Most organisms have about 99% of the same genome. It is the miniscule difference, ie how you and I share about 99.9% of the same, that make all the difference. Being able to understand these differences is key to curing a lot of diseases, including genetic ones. The wooly mammoth thing came up sort of like just a test to see if they could accomplish it with an extinct animal and they had good samples to use, which isn't usually the case since the animal by definition isn't around to provide one! I look forward to visiting Jurassic Park in 20 years!!! :)
mj said…
Steve - I think we've learned from multiple unnecessary sequels that Jurassic Park is never a good idea. Of course this come out right after Michael Chricton dies. Who will be the voice of reason now?

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