"I want my two dollars"

There having me write this new "moral dilemma" piece almost every night for the show. This means I need to come up with a new moral dilemma every night. Like do you pay the paper kid his two bucks or withhold cuz he's a brat and you need the money? Obviously I don't have that many moral dilemmas, so if you do, I'm all ears.


Anonymous said…
Hooner had one on her blog I liked, "Would you rather go to hell or jail."
Scully said…
Here is one: you recently got a job after being unemployed for several months. The job is WAY below your skill level, but the company is putting in effort to train you etc. Then you here from several friends about another opening, one that is fabulous and exciting and slightly above your skill level(but a logical next step sort of thing) and you have semi-insider info that only one other, very unqualified whack job, has applied. Do you apply, cross your fingers and then say sayonara to your current employer of one week? All hypothetical, of course. ;)
Jefe said…
1- Is it okay to date, love your best friends x or former lover, and if so how soon is too soon?

2- Is it okay to test out grapes and candy at the stores without purchasing what you tasted?

3- Is it okay to embelish on your resume and make up for it later?

4- Are little white lies ok? Lies that presereve peoples feeling without really dragging you in the moral quagmire?

5- Is it okay to talk about grievences between friends behind there backs, given they keep it in a small circle?

6- Is swearing really not ok?

7- Is it okay to take toilet paper rolls from work?

8- Is it two faced to be curtious to people you despise?

9- What is a sell out? Amd why do we worry about it? (That is really ambiguous!)

10- Is it okay to have pets in a pet free environemnt if no one knows about it?

I doubt these will help, but hey, brainstorm you know.
Dave's Pictures said…
So I meet this pretty cute girl at a party, at least I think she was cute, it was dark out. We talk for a bit and she has this great personality, funny, smart, easy to talk to, and a great midwest accent or non-accent if you know what I mean. After talking for a while for can tell she wants me to get her number and ask her out and want to ask her out too. However you are in a semi-commited relationship with a girl that you feel will be ending soon. Do I get her number and wait to call until the other girl is gone? End the other relationship and then hope I run into this girl again? Or do nothing and regret it?
SJ said…
Dave-I can't believe you found me. You said you would, but now you've made me a true believer in your word...

About your situation. That is quite the conundrum. I say let time take its course. The fates may put the two of you together again.
SJ said…
Scully- hmmm, interesting "hypothetical" situation

Jefe-way to bring yourself to work today

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