A way with words

According to the American Dialect Society one of the most useful words in 2005 was:

truthiness: the quality of stating concepts or facts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true. Coined by comedian Stephen Colbert on 17 October.


Esperanza said…
That is silly. Made up his own word huh? Well, I really just wanted to comment on your last blog that it wouldn't let me post a comment on. Yes, you have now dipped into the Provo-mentality of must get married! Its crazy the obsession around here huh? Although I don't think the idea is so bad, or the remembering that eternal family and motherhood is important, but the sick part is, everyone is focused on marriage, but who ever asks people on dates? Is there a place on this earth where the perfect combination exists?
SJ said…
I think the must-get-married mentality casts a much wider net than Provo. In fact I think it's hardwired into most human beings from the time we're little. It's our cultural way of reproducing.

I actually think it's droned on and on about so much here that people become apathetic about it. They become apathetic and scared and stick around and don't do anything about it or just try to forget about it. Much safer that way. I know it was for me. I think that blog entry was more about me becoming acclaimated to my surroundings. In DC it's all World events and politics and what you do for a living and who you know. Here it's more about the simple things in life.
Scully said…
Ah, how I love Stephen Colbert. He just makes me giggle. As does Jon Stewart. And how appropriate is that word to political culture in which we live. Spin is the driving force in our current admin. And E, the reason no one is asking anyone out on dates is because the pressure is so intense to Get Married that all the fun of dating has been sucked dry. It isn't about getting to know people, it is about Finding One's Eternal Companion. Everyone has enough stress in their lives without that kind of pressure. Especially when the dominant trend is Meet & Marry in 4 Months.
mj said…
re: apathy.

yeah. i feel you. i can see why it's a geographical/cultural change but also i think good old fashioned blog burn out. i pretty much haven't written anything interesting in my blog since i got to the one year mark. i partially don't have time to compose anything well what with teaching a night class and the other thing with the boy, but i also have way less good ideas. and i live in DC so i have no excuse. there's also the possibility of SAD that stevester brings up on his blog.
SJ said…
I know what you mean. For some reason the flow just doesn't want to come. I think it might be that I have a lot of personal stuff to think about and also that I'm kinda content with life (except the whole no social life cuz I get up so early thing). Also, I think having to write out the news every morning has sucked much of the creative juices. But to that I say "whatever" and then trunk out on the blog. You need to write me more about a boy...and come to Coachella?...This reminds me that I need to give Erin a call.
Abby said…
I think another thing with blogs is that you don't want to get TOO personal in it. You don't want your life sprayed all over the Internet and some thoughts should be kept as thoughts not blog entries. Especially, if your employer can easily google you and see what's up. It's what got Dooce, I believe, fired because she complained about her job on her blog and her employer found it. Plus life isn't always filled with deep observations. Sometimes we're just too tired from day to day living.

Way off topic I had a friend that went to Coachilla and had the time of her life.

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