Get married

I mean, to the right person, of course.

I realize it's been awhile, so allow me to catch you up. That boy I mention in the post below? He's now my husband. Yep. WE GOT MARRIED! And I still love him 10 months in and consider him my favorite person in the world. I know this is not something everyone gets in life (read this post I wrote as a single person to see how far I've come here). But I'm very happy I did, in the end, find this wonderful man. He just gets me AND is many, many things I wanted in a person to go through life with. It took me a while but so glad we found each other.

So what have we been up to in married life? Moving in together (conscious coupling?) was a feat. Mostly it was me telling him to throw a lot of his "decorations" he "found on the street" out...and then convincing him it was a good thing to buy new stuff. In the end, it was a compromise but I like the way our apartment turned out. We've also been on numerous adventures since my last post (too many to mention) and are about to go hiking in Canada for the 4th of July (the rates were good and, hey, why not?).

It's so wild to think it's almost been a year since we tied the knot last August (first in Salt Lake City and then the next day in a separate ceremony in San Francisco). Looking back we were insane to think back-to-back ceremonies were a good idea, but we were very lucky to have a lot of help and the cooperation of good weather both days.

I also inherited his very fun family, always down for a dance party and a photo op. I think I love him even more, now.

Don't barf. Just let it sink in that love is real. It really, really happened for me. But I went through a couple of guys who weren't right to appreciate the great guy I have now. In short, I held out for the best.

And now I am one of those annoying people who loves telling single people to get married and hearing about their dating disaster stories, reveling in the fact that I do not have to go through any of that anymore :)


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