Monday, March 18, 2013

Southby SARS and other awesome adventures...

So I'm back from Southby with what appears to be SARS...not really but I've lost my voice and have a nasty cough. Normally I take good care of myself and never get sick any more. I got sick a lot as a kid and it sucked so much I learned how to nip it as soon as I could by strengthening my immune system, taking the right vitamins and getting good rest at the slightest hint of a cold. But SXSW has this way of taking its toll "it's just a fun couple of days" you tell yourself...then you stay out till 3 or 4 am with all the drunks and free parties till kingdom come. It's a petri dish of 30k drunken nerds on spring break. Free crappy food and beer all week long!

So I'm back writing this post as more of an update about my life and not a dream. I wasn't really consistent on that rant anyway...but I'll probably continue to write some of them in as they had this clever way of helping me see the true meaning of the dream as I wrote it all down.

My friend E, who is a newly certified psychiatrist, was convinced that last one with the cucumbers was about sex (of course, thanks Freud). I could see how she thought that but it wasn't. It was about the fruits of my perseverance in searching for what I wanted to do with my life. At least that's what I think it was. In any case it had a much deeper meaning. Freudian psychology only traps us, I believe. He got hung up on sex and the natural instincts of man and failed to reach for more or acknowledge our brains are much deeper than our impulses. Although, ya, some dreams are probably just about sex.

But I digress...

Southby was a boon and glad I went, despite getting sick. I can't openly explain why at this moment so you'll just have to stay tuned.

In the meantime I leave you with the worst picture ever of me and was taken backstage after his interview with Brian Solis...and unfortunately (for me) looks more like he is leading a blind child.

Here's a MUCH better picture with me and Jeremy Blum, the MIT student responsible for the creation of all things electronic at MakerBot (including the 3D printer).

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