Running makes you fat

I haven't been running in...six weeks. So I finally went two mornings ago. Two miles later... Just two. And three days later...Still sore. Craaaaaaaap! Can't believe I'm already THAT outta shape! Also, I was waaaaay hungrier that day. It doesn't help that work provides really good snacks. Fattening foods. Trail mix. Cliff bars. Cheetos. Doritos. Protein bars (hint, those are actually NOT healthy, high in calories and full of sugar, too). They also provide fresh fruit but all that's left when I tend to wander in are pomegranates...but how the hell does one open those up without a knife? Or eat them at work without making a mess? Anyway I ate twice as many calories on Monday (morning I went running). More than the amount of calories burned, of that I'm sure. So while it felt good to hit the road again I question how this helps my waistline. Did I mention I've gained 8 lbs since living here? Help!


Steve said…
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Steve said…
Well, several probs here.

Being hungry isn't b/c you need more to eat! The run, a constant rate of burn, and, as you said, the first time in a while, confused your body. It was saying "Whoa, wtf was that? I need to replace those calories AND add more just in case that happens again! Oiy!" The fallacy is that running is teh best way to change your metabolism and burn fat. It's proven not to. Yes, you will burn calories, but what you have always said you wanted (between the lines) is to change your metabolism so you can eat like a normal person and exercise moderately, like a normal, non-fat person. The best way to do this is with dynamic/short-high intensity workouts incorporating circuits that constantly challenge your body. For instance, instead of running, do 2 mins of 50% exertion on a stationary bike followed by 30 seconds of 95%. Do that for 5-6 cycles and it burns more calories and fat (often over a couple days!) than a 30 minute run will.

Also, your knock against protein bars is also misguided. Protein bars were designed for a purpose. To either 1) be used as meal replacement or 2) add calories, energy, PROTEIN as a supplement to body builders/athletes. To use them as a snack is like eating a cheeseburger for a snack! And there are some healthier alternatives, most notably Clif Builders. All organic, etc.
SJ said…
Well, okay then.
Steve said…
Ha, sorry! Wasn't trying to preach there, but as someone that has "known you" for several years now and watching you try to do the right thing and sometimes internally struggle with your physicality, I was disheartneed to see you take a step backwards in your thoughts.

I'm in Cote d'Ivoire right now, but when I am back in Senegal, I can try to develop a type of workout for you that I think will fit into your lifestyle better. Just shoot me an email.... sbb11578 AT

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