SF = Superyum

So the food here is REALLY good. Really, really. I never understood why people who'd lived in New York or San Francisco were such food snobs. Or those who complained about the restaurants in Salt Lake. Tasted fine to me..But I've bit the apple and now fully understand there's a big difference.

So far I've enjoyed everything from the most amazing Mexican to a restaurant that specializes in gourmet carnival food. Carnival food! A deep fried hamburger made with a donut instead of a bun, mini corndogs with fancy dipping sauces, chicken and waffles...oh and there's this ice cream place here that makes their stuff on the spot using liquid nitrogen. It makes the crystals tinier, smoother and the ice cream way better. Somehow. Magic?

But with all this eating...the scale has been going back the other way! Bahhhhhh! And yet somehow I think it's possibly worth it. My taste buds argue in favor of all this.


Steve said…
I've had the burger on a donut and the chicken and waffles, but neither in SF; but yes, they are awesome! And yes, neither are going to help with bikini season, although IS there a bikini season in SF? haha.
SJ said…
If there ever is one I'm told it's this month. Apparently October is summer here. 70 degrees, baby, 70 degrees!
Steve said…
70?!? That is winter here! haha.
SJ said…
Yes, well, we need to cover ourselves up more after eating all this good crap so no one knows.

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