Fat pants

I now officially fit into my skinny jeans. Actually, there's a little room in my skinny jeans. I am blown away. I didn't think I looked different. I didn't feel THAT different. But now both the scale and the skinny jeans confirm it. My body comp is different. I look different. I've actually lost weight.

I haven't been this thin since I was vegan in college over 10 years ago.

I weighed myself this morning at 125 lbs. I couldn't believe it so I checked my roommates scale. Hers said 124.5 lbs. I know!

I still have a little fat around the belly to lose...also, oddly, my boobs have not lost much volume. What's up with that? (don't hate me).

But there's a bit more to lose if I want to look good in a bikini... I'm 5'4" with a small frame so I think 115 lbs is a pretty good goal. I asked some of my thin friends with a similar build to mine what they weighed. Two I asked said 105. One, who is much thinner, said 107 but I think she might have been embarrassed that she was so thin? I'm not sure. I think 115 is a pretty perfect goal. I still want some curves. And I'm almost there. Yay!


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