Monday, September 12, 2011

Fat pants

I now officially fit into my skinny jeans. Actually, there's a little room in my skinny jeans. I am blown away. I didn't think I looked different. I didn't feel THAT different. But now both the scale and the skinny jeans confirm it. My body comp is different. I look different. I've actually lost weight.

I haven't been this thin since I was vegan in college over 10 years ago.

I weighed myself this morning at 125 lbs. I couldn't believe it so I checked my roommates scale. Hers said 124.5 lbs. I know!

I still have a little fat around the belly to lose...also, oddly, my boobs (you know, the bane of my existence, the things Hollywood says you are supposed to want but really get in the way and I think make me look fatter than I would otherwise) have not lost much volume. What's up with that? Hopefully that all evens out soon.

But there's a bit more to lose if I want to look good in a bikini...which, as a chubby girl I, sadly, never have. I'm 5'4" with a small frame so I think 115 lbs is a pretty good goal. I asked some of my thin friends with a similar build to mine what they weighed. Two I asked said 105. One, who is much thinner, said 107 but I think she might have been embarrassed that she was so thin? I'm not sure. I think 115 is when I will look good in a bikini. I will still have some curves. And I'm almost there. Yay!

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