Bay Area Rapid Transit in 4, 3, 2...

So basically I have four days to go before the "big move" to SF. Apparently you don't call it San Fran or Frisco. Just SF or San Francisco. Oh well, I'm sure I'll say Frisco and someone will be bothered and possibly correct me several times.

I have to admit. I am a bit anxious. I'm going there without a solid job. You know it bugs me that people keep asking if I'm going for a job. As if that city isn't just a cool place to go and live and then find a job while there. It shouldn't bug me but I let it. I start to take it as they think I'm just some free wheeler that has no idea what I'm doing. Even after 5 months of research and three visits to the area. So it bugs me.

So, where will I live when I get there? Believe me, it was a tough search from a remote distance. San Francisco has something weirdly competitive going on with the housing situation I don't fully understand. But, luckily, I scored a room a block away from Haight-Ashbury. Historically, it's the neighborhood where Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead were (musically) born and the merry pranksters mingled with war protestors.

Both my roommates have been to Burning Man so I'll have to ask them about all that.  One's an artist. The house has an old dog. It also has a washer and dryer, which is hard to come by in the city. There is also no parking so I may have to "rent" a parking spot in a garage a few blocks away. But it is right across from the local Whole Foods.

Wish me lots of luck!


George Marie said…
Over the last year or so, I've picked up a few freelancing gigs here and there to help supplement my income as an instructor at the U. The fact of the matter is that it pays a lot better than jobs I could have taken elsewhere. I'm doing this gig at the U., part-time, where I get paid $20 an hour to do Apple and Google developing. I am the social media manager for the tutoring company I work for. You know what the perks are? I get to live my life on my own time and be my own boss. It's not a bad gig at all. Anyways, I hope that your trip goes lovely and that you enjoy your new city.
SJ said…
Thanks George! I didn't know you worked in social media as well...or did app development. That is a handy skill these days!
Anonymous said…
hey just wanted to let you know i'm near sf and heading out too pretty soon.

keep up the good work...humanity needs all the help we can get.
SJ said…
Anonymous, thanks! It is a project being human...or getting to accept and work with our humanity. Keep a reading!

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