Strange object in the sky

So I saw a UFO.

I mean like I actually saw some unidentified flying object in the sky and I can't explain it. Let me first say I don't know what I think about alien life. I think it's highly likely we are not the only life forms in the whole entire universe, mathematically. But I am not sure if anything else has tried to make contact or visit this planet.

Then last night happened. I was sitting on the patio of a friend's house with a bunch of guys I know who just happen to be really into conspiracy theories. Mostly I just listen, thinking to myself it is baloney and they are just working themselves into an illogical frenzy, seeing things they want to see and gathering sketch evidence to support their beliefs. Then we saw it.

Overhead was the strangest bright object in the sky. It didn't move like an airplane. It kind of jutted, with this swinging motion as it flew. It was not an airplane or a jet or anything I'd ever seen. But it was so bright I couldn't make out the shape of it. One of the guys then said "Holy shit, it's a UFO".

So we watched it for some time just fly off into the distance. And then, maybe 20 minutes later, my friend's roommate gets home and says, "Did you guys see that UFO fly over Salt Lake just a few minutes ago?" He'd seen it too. Five people had seen it.

I don't know what that was. Military something? An actual alien aircraft? I have no idea. All I know is what I saw and that it did not move like a plane. It darted quickly in a jittery fashion. I wish I'd captured it on my phone but I was too in awe of what I was witnessing.

In other news:
Paul Krugman believes a fake alien invasion would help us out of this economic slump...


Steve said…
I saw one once and a good friend of mine chased one one night that moved like a helicopter, but was perfectly quiet.

"The truth is out there." haha
SJ said…
Steve, what did yours look like or do? Move strange? Bright lights?

Now that I've seen something like this I'm super curious.
Steve said…
Sorry so long to reply....

Mine moved across the sky, slowly, much slower than an airplane, but wasn't much brighter than a star, but didn't twinkle. It also did not go in a straight line, but sort of a question mark shape, then after a few minutes, it simply vanished. By definition, it WAS a UFO, but I think I could easily be persuaded that it was a weather balloon or a satellite reflecting some sort of sunlight or moonlight. However, I've never seen anything like it since, and that was many, many years ago. I was with a friend then, pre any sort of potential inebriation age, and we both witnessed it and discussed it with no explanations.

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