Letting go is good

This was taped on a coffee table in this grungy co-op I stayed at in Austin this last March while at SXSW. It was basically a giant treehouse. That mantra has been going through my head while packing up my stuff this week.

Good news, I have renters now. Almost. Delivered the lease today. I put the ad up yesterday and within 5 minutes had a phone call from an ecstatic young, newly married girl. Her husband loves gardening and chickens and she liked the idea of all the storage space in my house. She came over 15 minutes after with her brother, a very tall Tongon boy rocking a pink mohawk (her sister lives in the neighborhood). And then she cut me a check for the deposit and that was that.

I got a storage unit on Monday and have been packing and hauling ever since. I have way too much stuff. So I've been giving some of it away (mostly to the kids in my neighborhood about to go off to college and a lot to Deseret Industries, which is kinda like Goodwill here).

I'm driving to San Francisco this next Monday for about a week, tentively...and then back to pack and move the rest. I'm out on the 5th. My birthday is the 8th.

If I had one birthday wish it would be for a great job that pays well in a cool city that has people I know in it. That's all.


Sherpa said…
So, did the Twitter job pan out?
SJ said…
Ha ha, not, but I need to pay my mortgage somehow.
Steve said…
Well, good luck with everything. I personally believe the less "stuff" we have, the better we feel and the more flexible and versatile we become. Although, I doubt the TWO moving trucks and guys from our last move would say I am living my words, haha. But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE throwing stuff away. I can't wait to get rid of several items in my closet (although that is perhaps so I can buy new stuff! hahaha).

So, have you decided on your new city yet? Is it SF?

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