Braces off!

The day has finally come I no longer have to wear the Invisalign trays, or take them out in front of people before I eat or have those unsightly buttons on my teeth or go through the pain of my teeth slowly pushing together. No more! My teeth are finally straight!

Here are the before and afters:


Steve said…
Yay! Welcome to the club! It's been great not having them, although don't you still have to wear them at night? My guy said to do that. Althought that is my Invisalign retainer. I never did get around to doing a before and after on my blog?!?!
SJ said…
No at night. I got permanent retainers! I figured there'd be times I'd forget if I had to wear at night and that was just easier.
EvaandJosiah said…
Wow that's awesome!!! Your teeth look so pretty!

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