8 years since Seth's been gone now

My younger brother died a hero by pushing his friend out of the way before a 10,000 pound boulder came crashing down on him at Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah 8 years ago.

And you know I cried every day for a year after he died. I couldn't help it.

People have stories of him after his death.

1. One of his childhood best friends was in a bad place in life and said right after my brother died he felt him hug him. He told him to go away but he couldn't shake him. He knew it was him holding onto him.

2. One of the friends that was with him when the accident happened said he waited for authorities to come to get his body in the canyon that day. He was all alone and crying and wondering why this had happened when my brother appeared to him, touched him on the shoulder and told him he was okay. He said my brother then winked and disappeared.

3. I have, on occassion, felt him near myself. I get this funny feeling of how he died when he's near. It's a weird sensation. It's like he's trying to tell me what happened.

4. Others have had dreams about him. My mom went to him in a field and he hugged her and she said, even though it was a dream, the hug felt so incredibly real.

5. A neighbor of ours, a visionary man, had a dream he saw him walking up the road and he asked him what life was like on the other side and was he sad about dying. He said my brother told him not everyone is happy to move on but that he was happy because he chose to be.

Death and what happens after we die is a fascination of mine. I search out near death experiences, ask others about their experiences and read up as much as I can. It's tough sometimes because you have to filter out the b.s. and determine for yourself fact from fiction. So many stories have similarities and yet they are all so different, depending on religion and belief systems too.

I read Return from Tomorrow right after my brother died. It was a descriptive tale of a young man who died of fever during the war and came back to life to talk about his journey on the other side. I don't know what's real or not, but I do know there is something beyond this life. Something happens. We don't just go unconcious.

I wonder sometimes what my brother would be up to if he were still alive. Would he be married? Have kids? What would he do for a living? He was young and full of dreams. He always said he'd live a short life. It's funny, but true. He always said that he would not live long. I ask myself how did he know?

This is a montage of his life that we put up a few years back on Youtube. It was made by some of his friends right after his death:


abby said…
I once had a dream where my grandpa visited me and hugged me. I always felt awful I couldn't say good bye to him in person. It was a few years after he died when I had the dream, when I woke up I realized it was the exact day he died. I guess dreams like that are not uncommon with the dead.

My mother saw my grandma a few days after she died holding hands with my grandpa and looking like she did when she was younger. I actually felt my grandpa was the one who met her on the other side.
Kari said…
What a beautiful tribute to your brother.

Thank you for posting this.

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