Sudafed and other drugs

Apparently someone thinks the world is ending on May 21 of this year. This is news to those of us in Utah. No one bothered to warn the Mormons with the billboards and postings about town in other cities.

So I'm just gonna say it so you know where I stand here. The world is not ending (gasp!). It doesn't feel like it. I know that sounds strange. It doesn't feel like it? That's your reasoning? Well, I would like to think I would have some sort of sense of it. That others would, too. Like when pandas know an earthquake is coming or forest creatures can sense the rain.

There are no physical indicators the world is ending in some massive earthquake, either. I don't know where these kids come up with this stuff. But really, for me it boils down to it just doesn't feel like it. I'd like to think I have a (sixth?) sense for these things.

I should mention I feel pretty weird at the moment.

My eyes are quite dilated. I've had too much knock-off Sudafed, some sort of cough medicine my mom gave me and a homeopathic remedy to relieve the heavy and sudden congestion that's come upon me these last few days. Sudafed makes me feel disconnected. I lose my thoughts, don't want to eat and also don't sleep so well. Despite the extra dosing, it hasn't been working as well as hoped. I've still found myself unable to breathe through my nose much of the time. Open-mouthed breathers unite!

The point is I feel so weird right now. Floaty. I hate this feeling. I may have taken too much. I don't remember when I took what and am almost positive I've taken more than I should thinking I hadn't taken my meds yet. That's the thing with cold meds. It makes you forget and think fuzzy. The blacks of my eyes will not constrict in the bathroom light. I feel body slow and sleepy but unable to actually fall asleep. This has led to much thinking. Weird thinking. Really hoping I don't snap or something. There's maybe been about 5 or 6 hours of sleep put together the past few days.

My one consolation is that maybe I will snap from the lack of sleep and be out of my mind and that will be a blessing if the world really does end in the next week.


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