Umbrella fights

I am in a strange city. The rain is so cold and the wind so fierce it nearly broke my umbrella as I wandered around last night. It took me all about an hour of fighting with my umbrella to finally find myself embedded deep inside the most gigantic Forever 21 I have ever seen. The thing had 4 floors! Four. 1, 2, 3, 4!

Apparently everyone else had the same idea. It's cold, windy and rainy. Let's go shopping.

I'm in San Francisco.

I'm actually sick of shopping. I have plenty of big, chunky, fantastically cheap jewelry (from Forever 21, of course) already and I do not need more. But it was cold and I was done fighting. I did later manage to find a Walgreens along my journey and find myself a much stronger umbrella.

Unfortunately, the more expensive, bigger umbrella didn't last long. The wind kept pushing it up into a tulip and whipping my hair into my face while the cold rain continued to pour down all over my clothes and face. Locals (I assume they were locals) laughed. They knew better. This was clearly hoodie weather and not for umbrellas.

I finally gave in, found myself some good thai take-out and went back to the hotel to curl up and watch "The Secret Life of Bees" on TV.

I'm all alone. It's cold here and I have yet to figure out the metro system.

It's strange to feel this way. I don't like it much. So I called a bunch of people to help me abide this storm. D answered. We were both doing absolutely nothing on a Saturday night. We laughed about how boring we were. We chatted about life, the universe and everything...

I like D. Everyone needs a friend they can call at anytime and talk about anything (I really do mean anything and everything - stuff your mom shouldn't know about) with. I've heard everyone gets five true friends in their life. Don't know if that is true, but even one is worth living for. On a cold, umbrella fight night, I'll take a good chat with a friend in a warm hotel over seeing the city sights.


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