You know what? A few random musings smooshed together. Say cheese.

It dawns on me I need a new pic for this blog. Maybe. I really like the one I have, though. But it is just one snap from last summer. The thing is I'm particularly bad at snapping personal pictures. I almost never think to take my camera, either. And though I could use the one on my's just terrible for quality. So with that in mind, the search is on....maybe. Or I'll maybe also give up and decide I like the one I got after all.

Speaking of the weekend (which I wasn't but whatever)...this weekend I was told I looked 22, like a piece of art, got hit on by a hot doctor from LA who let it slip he was listed in People Mag's 50 Most Beautiful and (lest you think I'm just bragging here, which I have been so far) also told by a skinny, dorky Mormon kid from my old ward that he felt obligated to take me to a Jazz game (his words) because he had told me he would a while back and he was only asking me out to fulfill that promise...he was serious. When I told him I'd rather go with someone who actually wanted to take me (my way of saying thanks, but I'll pass you jerk), he blundered on by letting me know I was not the kind of girl he would ever get with and that he felt he had to take me. Oh, and also he could think of worse ways to spend his time and since I'd asked a while back about it, would I like to go still? Uh...huh... Don't know what it is with Mormon boys from Utah but they have some big heads and not a lot else in them. I mean, who seriously says stuff like that? Even if you are thinking it?

So more good pictures and stupid boys in Utah. By the way, I went out and watched Black Swan with a friend instead. That movie is psycho crazy. I still don't know if I loved or hated it. But I respect it. The end.


mj said…
Sorry but that story was hilarious. Did that guy really think he was doing YOU a favor? Ba ha ha.
SJ said…
Only in Utah would a nerdy guy's head get that big. It was pretty funny.

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