Protein High

So I stuck with the diet, with some modifications. I learned that the diet I was on was actually made for much bigger people than me and that was why everyone was losing so much weight and I wasn't. I have maybe 10 lbs to lose so...It works for me, too, but with a few changes such as no "cheat days". I maybe get one cheat meal, but no whole days of pigging out. Not sure how that even works for the big people, actually. Also, I started exercising. This is not something that is emphasized in the diet book I read. But you know what? I feel amazing. I have way more energy. I don't know if it is the high protein diet, more exercise or what but it's like I have a runner's high all the time. Especially in the morning. Also, I am sore, good sore. It feels really good. I'm not weighting myself for a while though. This is the first week I decided to really ramp it up and I want to see really good results when I finally check out what this is doing for me and my body.


Steve said…
Not weighing yourself is the best idea you've had about this diet phase you have been in! No one cares how much you weigh, certainly not ment. What is more important is how you look, especially ultimately naked, but obviously more clothed to get to that point, ha. So, instead of aiming for an arbitrary number b/c that is what you think or someone else weights, have a goal of what you want to look like in say a swimsuit, a dress, naked, whatever. Then you can adjust your diet and workout to get the image you want, which is afterall what people see when they notice another person, not the number on a scale! Case in point, I don't even know what my wife weighs nor have I ever cared, but I know exactly how she looks in various stages of (un)dress.
SJ said…
haha. Yes, that is the conclusion I started coming to, too. I've been working on my arms and running a bit more. I spoke to a neighbor friend of mine who used to be big and lost a lot of weight. He told me to drink more water so I'm doing that. I think, even with all the "scientific" research it seems every diet book contradicts each other and is full of bunk. It really is calories in, calories out and just eat right so you don't over eat. That's it.

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