Almost cut my hair today.

I've been going back and forth on cutting my hair. I've had it long for a while. Not sure if it's just angst for change or if I really should just do it. So I took two pictures, one with my hair up and one down to let the good people of the internet decide. Keep it or cut it?

Note - I do love me some big earrings, hence the big black feathers you may be distracted by in these two pictures. You should see my collection of jewelry from Forever 21. It's kind of amazing.


mj said…
It's a tough call. I personally love short hair, but you look great both ways. I'm told men prefer long hair, but that is not true with my man, so whatever. And, who cares anyway?

Here's both the cool thing AND the problem with short hair: you never know what it's going to do. Some days you look fantastic and some days you just can't make it work. So, my question for you is, are you in the mood for some uncertainty?
Steve said…
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Steve said…
Sorry, stupid typos from Liberia!

MJ makes several good points. But because you aren't rail thin (ie like MJ) going short might make your face look bigger and/or soccer mom-esque, definitely not good!

I do think you need to thin it out and taking a couple inches off. Men kind of do prefer longer hair, but it needs to look light and airy in a 70's Farrah Fawcett way (for real) then heavy and limp.

Thus, something like a reverse bob could be quite dramatic (in a good way!) or you could simply get some layers cut into it and take a few inches off.
SJ said…
I'm now leaning to a bit longer than shoulder length just to make it healthy and so it wouldn't be so dramatic. Decisions.
Steve said…
You could go that route and then if it still isn't working for you, always go shorter then.
Erin Ann Thomas said…
Keep it long. I think it suits you best. You could get it cut fancy, but only if you are really going to spend the time doing it--my dilemma of late. ;)

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