In Conclusion

Despite the many raving fans of the 4-hour body diet, I haven't really lost much more than what could be chalked up to water weight. Ugh! I'm on my fourth week. Some people are posting the most amazing progress. Me? The same. No matter what I do - if I eat junk, if I eat healthy, I stay THE SAME! I'm chubby and I hate it. Okay, I'm curvy and I hate it. My arms are fat. My boobs are big. My stomach does not bare a six pack. The results I've had, despite the "science" have been unimpressive. And I've been strict. I've taken supplements. I bought and used a kettle bell. I've done everything the book said to do. Somehow other people are getting amazing results. What is up with that? Where are my amazing results? I should have just stuck to my original conclusion that it is simply about cutting calories and moving more. Grumble, grumble, grumble.



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