How to kill a cold in 24-48 hours

I'm feeling a lot better today and I believe it has a lot to do with what I ate and the treatments I gave my body. Below is what I did, in case you are interested, want to use these remedies later or are now suffering from a bad cold/sinus infection/flu/strep or whatever that is that is going around. The stuff which I believe made the most impact I gave an asterisk.

Thursday night - started feeling a very tight jaw
Friday morning awoke to a painfully sore throat
- Took a concoction of vitamins including zinc, vitamin C and magnesium
- Got sicker as the day went on. Had a low fever.

9:30 am - Started feeling nauseated (this I would later determine was because I hadn't eaten anything solid and not because of the bug I had.
9:40 am - threw up and surprisingly felt a lot better immediately after

11:00 am - started feeling sick again, wanted to just sleep and never wake up
Started in on *probiotics:
 - raw, homemade sauerkraut (traditional German recipe - ask if you want it, it is extremely good for your body, digestion and will kill a cold)
- two bottles of kombucha with ginger

Somewhere in here I took a hot bath which also helps to burn out the germs, unclog sinuses through steam therapy, etc.

- lots of chicken noodle soup (works as a natural antibiotic)
- more sauerkraut and kombucha
- tons of water (sometimes with *lemon juice which helped break up the mucus)
- Stayed inside and watched movies

- Sudafed (doubled the dose) - I'm not a fan of taking much medication, but this stuff really works. In the past I believed this to be the number one cure. It definitely helps to dry up the gunk but I suffered a major sore throat and earache this evening, even though I took a double dosing of this stuff.
- Kombucha
- More chicken soup
- Spicy lentils
- *snorted salt water (kills infections, dries mucus, soothes the throat and nasal cavaties)
- Stayed under the covers with a hot water bottle

1 am Saturday awoke with a massive earache and sore throat on my left side. Tossed and turned in every way but nothing helped. I have never experienced something so excruciatingly painful as this was. It only stopped when I stood fully upright...but that meant I couldn't sleep and I really needed to sleep. After surfing the net, looking through several medical and herbal remedy books I happen to have and finding not much of anything I finally settled on the old hydrogen peroxide in the ear. I was in so much pain and had no idea if adding more liquids in there would help or hurt more but I was willing to try anything at this point. That did it. Really. It was the best thing I could have done.

Saturday Morning - Felt 80% better, took more sudafed, sauerkraut, lemon juice in water and my vitamins.
Saturday afternoon - a slight cold still lingers but fever and sore throat are gone. I am not stuffed up. Actually have energy to get stuff done. I feel a lot better today.


Steve said…
Actually, it was probably the Sudafed that caused so much pain. I love Sudafed, is my go-to stuffy head remedy; but too much of it overly dries my sinuses, leading to very painful periods like you talked about. The double dose is probably the real kicker. Your sinuses are designed to be moist, so the dryness makes them angry, ha.

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