Everything you eat is bad for you

Anyone else have this problem? I'm on this new diet. Day 3. I'm not really a "dieter" as I firmly believe it all boils down to calories in, calories out...depending somewhat on the kinds of calories you consume. However, I recently read this "book" called The Four Hour Body . I say "book" because, well, it is a real book, but I've been reading it on my Kindle and it reads more like several mishmashed blog posts. Still, very interesting info and of course, I had to test some of it out. It's only for 30 days and I can do anything for 30 days. And, well, I'm also curious.

One of those tests is the diet. High protein, low carb. I'm not a heavy meat eater. In fact at one point I was completely vegan. For 3.5 years. In college. Of course. I also tried going raw. Lasted three days. I've juice fasted and done the master cleanse, too.

But I have some concerns. Sort of. I'm on this diet for 30 days. So far all the anecdotal stories, friends I know who've done it and the internets confirm that people do, indeed, lose a good amount of weight this way. They also, interestingly, lower their overall fat % and cholesterol levels.

But I've read another book that makes a strong case for the correlation between animal protein and cancer. Cancer. The C word. This other book, The China Study, says eating more than 20% animal protein in your diet will absolutely guarantee you will get cancer. And it has a ginormous study to back up this claim.

Then there are the gluten-free folks. There is a distant strain in my family of those who have a gluten intolerance. I suspect my mom does as well, though she's never been tested. Grain, if you do your research, has caused a lot of deformity, disease and malnutrition throughout the world. In fact, when our hunter-gatherer ancestors first discovered farming (of grains at first), they immediately shrunk 4" in height, developed cavities in their teeth, lost bone density and gained all manner of diseases previously unknown in the human world. It was devastating...but allowed us to have more abundance of food so more of us could eat when animals were few (and thus survive).

So animal protein causes cancer, grains cause disease, aging, cavities and for some it actually rips their guts (gluten intolerance).

So no meat, no grains...what exactly can we eat? Those are kinda staples.

Fruit. Fruit, though your body processes it differently than other simple sugars, can cause your blood sugar levels to soar. It's also not enough to sustain us, does not have the total nutrition we need and if you eat too much? Diarrhea anyone? So it can't be a staple.

Also, our ancestors probably weren't eating those Florida oranges in the winter and somehow survived without fruit for a season or two.

Okay so no animal protein (China Study included any animal protein like eggs and milk), no grains, limit the fruit. Um legumes? Nuts and beans.

Turns out you can develop an allergy to them if taken in mass quantities. Like when you feed on them every day. Those on the gluten free diet often turn to nuts and beans as a source of energy, only to find they build up an intolerance to them that gives them indigestion, bloated stomachs and nausea.

So that leaves veggies. I don't know about you but I can't just eat veggies. There aren't enough calories and we'd have to be constantly eating. Not practical.

There is so much confusing info out there. The vegetarians talk about the dangers of meat. The paleo diet people talk about the dangers of grains. Is everybody wrong? Where did all this confusion come from and who is actually right? All of them have "science" and "studies" to back up their claims. But if you do any reading or any research on your own you may come to the conclusion that basically everything is bad for you. So who's right?


abby said…
D&C 89...God is probably right. Eat things in season. Eat whole grain. Eat meat sparingly. Go to bed early. Don't sleep longer than needful. Stay away from tea, coffee, strong drink, and tobacco.
SJ said…
Thanks abs...However, the gluten-free people can't eat grains. My mom is allergic to whole wheat and it makes her break out in hives. Also, I have always thought it was interesting that as soon as we started farming (and we started with grains) that we shrunk in height and gained a whole bunch of diseases. This is the first time cavities show up.

Farming helped humans to "multiply and replenish the Earth" - something that was hard for hunter-gatherers constantly on the move for food to do, but it brought with it several draw backs.
erinannie said…
Personally I like the word of wisdom diet as well. it really is what makes the most sense. But I add my own caveat to it as well. Eat everything in its season, according to what is in season locally.
You mentioned Florida oranges. Its a great example. When you are in FL, you need more Vitamin C because you have so much more sun exposure.
When you are in colder, wintry climates and there isn't more grains or fruits around, you need the meat. Meat is good in the winter for natural protection purposes against the cold.
God knew what he was doing when he placed certain animals and plants where he did. They don't just grow well there. They support all life there.
Steve said…
The TRUTH is that every body is somewhat different, why you and I for example can eat the same food and our bodies may end up looking completely different. Also, 99.9% of stuff in moderation is actually good for your body. The WoW folks will disagree, but even that stuff is good for you at times, although most benefits can be derived from other stuff.

High protein, low carbs is PERFECT for a short term diet. However, once you get to your goal, you can level out. Personally, I HATE diets b/c most people treat them like binge and purge. "I'll diet for 30 days and then go back to my unhealthy eating!" Thus, they lose pounds only to gain them back faster. This is MORE devasting to your body and organs than any of the items you mentioned in your post.

Bottom line, FIND what works for YOU and stick to it and modify accordingly. Over the past few years, I have increased my metabolism so I can eat about 2,000 calories per day with various levels of meat, veggies, fruits, sweats, and even alcohol and not gain any weight and keep my body fat around the 10% range. Granted, I exercise and that is how I got to that point, but anyone can do it.

Anyways, to answer your questions, moderation, moderation, and modify calories in and out to lose weight. Through in a bit of exercise each day (walking, stairs, weight training (we ALL are slobs compared to how much exercise our ancestors had to do each day just to survive)), taking vitamins, and avoiding fast food (although cheating every now and then is actually GOOD for the body!) will make you a strong and healthy person.
Steve said…
Hahaha, no, I eat sweets, not sweats! hahaha.
abby said…
Well a glutten free diet can include corn and that's a grain. There are glutten free flours out there and people today can survive much better in a glutten free world than ever before.

I agree with Steve that moderation and excercise is what you need to stay healthy and keep it off.

Erinannie that's cool about why we need foods in season. No wonder I always want more meat in the winter.
SJ said…
Ha, I read that "sweats"...yum!

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