A Sicko Manifesto...er Viva la Resolution 2011

So I'm sick on New Years Eve. The alternative wasn't really all that thrilling - go downtown, look at the lights? Attend an awkward Mormon dance? A club? An awkward Mormon party? Still, it's nice to have plans. Especially for that odd, insane thought that runs through my head - what if this is an omen of the year to come? What if I am sick and that sets things in motion? And also I don't get kissed tonight since I'm staying home sick and oh my gosh it is like some jinx for the whole year????

Crazy, I know.

Still, it's there. In MY head.

I don't put too much into resolutions (yes, it's a time of renewal, starting fresh, blah, blah) but I don't really do them. I figure if you are going to actually do something you want to do then you will actually do it. You don't need a list or a resolution or whatever. However, this year I'm making an exception because I'm currently in bed with a sore throat and achy body and sipping Campbells chicken soup instead of dressing up and going out for the night.

This year I resolve to figure out how to be super healthy so I don't get sick when everyone else does and also to get kissed.


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