American Pie

This morning I had pumpkin pie for breakfast. So bad, yet so good. It's my favorite pie.

My neighbor came over with it last night just as I was headed out the door. It was an exchange for some of my sugar. When does that ever happen anymore? Neighbors bringing pies and borrowing sugar?

There was also a delish apple pie I picked up at the grocery yesterday. Managers special. It was only 1.50. Normally, I'm not a fan of other people's version of apple. Too much cinnamon. But it was on sale and I went (big mistake) hungry to the store. However, this one? mmmmm! So that, I also had with lunch. This is not a good habit. Pie all day?

According to the internets, pie eating has a rich, flavorful history. Pie even goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians who ate pies made of honey, fruit and nuts. They didn't eat the crust. It was too hard and only served as what we use for the pie tin today.

When I was younger I wouldn't eat the crust, either. No way. Crust = gross. I still sometimes skip it, but find myself accepting the crust part more these days as part of the whole experience. I do this with pizza, too. I eat the toppings first and then the pizza bread. Weird, I know.

So now I have seemed to eat two pieces of pumpkin and one very generous slice of apple. Definitely hitting the gym later. My question? What's your favorite pie and why?


Steve said…
Pie and coffee, the perfect breakfast (plus sausage!), haha. I'm a bit of a pie slut, in that I hardly find a pie I don't like, ha. For most of my life, pumpkin was my favorite. Especially with a homemade, buttery crust with freshly whipped cream on top, life doesn't get much better than that. I'm also a big fan of meringue on pies (easy to do, not sure why people get scared of making meringue?) But most people make it too bland or sweet and try to overcompensate with a too fruity or sweet filling.

The european pies, ie tarts, are also good, but tend to be much smaller and not quite as good as the US style, in my opinion. The Middle Eastern ones, as you have mentioned, tend to be more filling, with nuts, honeys, and even meats in them. Very good, but more appetizer or small serving desserts.

The pies I've had here in Africa tend to be of the type you don't or can't eat the crust, ha. But they try.

The most underrated pies are strawberry rhubarb (the sugar to rhubarb ratio is crucial) and blackberry, again a somewhat tricky sweet/tart balancing act that requires some flair.

Did I mention that I like pies? Also, Cherry Pie is one of my favorite 80's songs! :)

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