50 Random Dates Didn't Work Because....

Here I am with an invite to the Gov's Christmas Gala and with no boyfriend at the moment and thinking, thinking who I could possibly invite? Someone that would not embarrass me would be good. Problem is I don't seem to be coming up with much. What I mean by presentable, I should clarify that, is a guy who happens to:

1. Live here
2. Knows how to dress for such an event (it's not a jeans and tshirt thing)
3. Knows how to act appropriately at such an event

4. Has the social skills and intelligence to carry on an appropriate conversation at such an event
5. Is single

I could think of at least 10 different boys in DC that I know (as friends, love interests, whatever, who cares) I would feel comfortable bringing to something like that.

But, le sigh, not here.

I am either not meeting the right men here and need to restart that whole 50 random dates thing I was doing or just resign myself to the fact, once again, that what I'm looking for does not exist in Utah. For the gala, or in dating in general.

I don't mean to sound bitter, and I'm not in general. But when it comes to fun stuff like this it would really, really be nice to know the kinds of guys I actually want to be out with.

*Update - I really need to stop panicking and then complaining. Not an hour later a few boys did indeed come to mind. They were possibilities, but ultimately it was decided I would go with my friend J...who is flying up from Texas to see me. How cool is that?

Addendum - To be fair to the men of Utah I prolly need to mention I stopped doing the 50 random dates thing because I may have been a wee bit sidetracked with the whole DC thing. So I may not have been really looking...

**Another update, so J decided with the short notice and holidays all here and such that it was a bad idea to fly up after all. Sadness. However, gladness, I do, indeed, have a brand new date to take that seems to be someone who would act appropriately. Bonus, he's cute, too.

Side note to self (and by that I mean all of you, too) - I have really got to make it a rule not to talk about my dates (or lack of them) on here. Okay, new rule. That is the end of me talking about dating on here and about my dates. Unless of course they do something that is  amazingly awesome and I am then going to marry them and have their babies for it.


abby said…
I have a work holiday party to go to and I'm going stag. There is no way I would invite some random guy to a work event and have them embarrass me. I had that happen once and I vowed I would rather go dateless to these types of events than to have a memorable date.
erinannie said…
I have been given a fancy fun dress and dress shoes as a gift, with specific instructions to use them for fun on New Years Eve. And I would dearly love to. But alas, I can't think of one guy I would want to spend the evening with right now!
George Marie said…
I have a rule of thumb. Events that are "professional" in nature are best avoided early on in any relationship. I have a funny story to back that up, a story that comes across like a bad Single's Ward movie. Anyways, I had a comp ticket to a music professor's recital as part of a larger concert series. I thought it would be cool for my date to meet the performer, kind of like cool backstage passes, right? Bad idea. I introduced my date to the performer.* "Jane Smith, meet Dr. X. She is a professor of kazoo at the U." My date quickly responded, "Wow. You can get a doctorate in music? What do you do with that?" The professor was pretty offended. I apologized later, and all was well that ended well. Needless to say, I've always tried to make sure that dating expectations are communicated, especially etiquette for the venue, well before my date and I actually arrive.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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