The Snowmaggedon that wasn't 2010

So all the news reports said we were going to have the biggest blizzard/snowstorm along the Wasatch Front in ten years. Dumps and dumps of snow. Stock up now!

Utahns never freak out about snow and here we were all freaking out, raiding the grocery stores, holing up for the night and canceling school. Well, it did snow. About three inches.

But it did get abominably cold. The high today was 17 degrees. It's at oh 2 degrees out right now. My roommate Juliet and I decided to celebrate by making snow angels:

I was worried about the animals. I know they are outdoor animals and should be used to surviving out there after thousands of years of doing that, but still. Poor things. I was a lot less worried after finding signs of bunny tracks around the yard last night and then seeing their fluffy little selves hopping and playing in the snow today. They moved too quick to take pictures of but wow are they cute! The chickens were kept cozy in their coop all last night and today with a heating lamp.

After making sure all the animals were secure and making snow angels, I tried to get Juliet to take some pictures. I have a really old, slow digital camera. Juliet held her face well the whole time. Me on the other hand? One after another try of awesomely bad. The first pic below is the best of the bunch.


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