After debating and going back and forth on several different costume ideas (including Christine O'Donnell), I finally (true to what I seem to always do) put this together at the last minute:

You know what I am? A dead Victorian ghost. Yep. Well, it's what I had. I love this dress from Anthropologie. It's a dress meant to wear on more occasions than this, but I never seem to find the right one. So Halloween it is.

It was dark and stormy and cold the Saturday night Utah chose to support Halloween celebrations so I didn't even go out in it. Just passed out candy to the poor trick-or-treaters trudging around in the freezing rain that night.

This picture is of the cutest little trick-or-treater that came to the door.


Steve said…
Ha, Christine O'Donnell, kind of obviously this year, but I think you would have been a good one!

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