The Living Room

This is obviously not me...and I didn't take this picture (as, once again I forgot all about the idea of bringing a camera). I did, however, hit this trail today. One of the many pleasures of living in the Rockies and having canyons just out your back door.

This pic is taken of one of my favorite hiking trails. It's called The Living Room because, as you can observe in the photo, people have taken slabs of sandstone and made them into the shape of couches and chairs all over the main vantage point at the trail end. The views here are really quite spectacular. You can see the entire Salt Lake Valley. The burst of flame red, neon orange and bright yellow leaves all up the canyon trail only added to the gorgeous scenery along the way and at the end.

I went by myself today. It's about a mile and a half up to the end. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's up a steep incline the whole way (which is great for your butt, hams, heart and lungs). It's probably not the smartest thing for a woman to go up by herself. There was literally only one other person on the trail - a buff mega athlete with a six-pack who came running down just as I was headed up. I brushed all that aside, though. I had other things on my mind. Such as my life and what to do with it.

Being alone and without any electronic contraptions to distract me for an hour and half gave me some time to think. And I really needed to think. On the one hand things are going well for me here. I have a nice little life and a nice little house and some nice little farm animals, a great roommate, I even went on two dates this last week. I have a fun calling in the young womens in my ward, beautiful mountain scenery, I'm well known in the social media circles here, I have great women friends (all older, all married) and I'm right now working on some pretty good projects with Kurt Bestor and The Self Reliance Expo, among other things. Things are...okay. Ya, that's just it. They are just okay for me. I feel stagnant. And like I've talked about before, I feel like an anomaly here. But is moving across the country the answer? That's what I needed to work out in my head.

So I climbed a mountain, reflected on my situation and asked God. Now, after some careful time there seems to be somewhat of an idea and a plan and some direction. I asked that if I am meant to go to DC to open up the way for me to be there with a good job and if not then to shut the door. The thing is I could stay here (and there's even the opportunity to work with the Senate in this next legislative session possibly (more on that later), but what am I really doing here? So I move forward to bigger opportunities and new possibilities. We'll see what happens next and where God puts me.


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