What is it that you do, exactly?

Sometimes I am asked what it is I do by those who are, well, not the most informed in this world.

Me: I work in PR. I'm a publicist
Them: Oh, that's cool. I may need your help. I've been writing this book...
Me: No, that would be a publisher. I work in PR, you know, Public Relations
Them: Ohhhh
Them: What is PR exactly?
Me: Essentially I help companies and individuals get media attention and help build their social media following. Basically I help manage their public reputation and help people know more about them blah, blah, blah...
Them: Wow, I/my brother-in-law/spouse just started selling XYZ/is in a band/is into multi-level marketing and may need your services to get them on TV.
Me: Ermmm...well...

I don't want to be rude so I don't try to explain that what they do isn't something I would work with or newsworthy enough to work with. It's nice of them to think of me though...right?


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