Vegemighty Meets Meatymighty

Or...Eaty meaty mighty moe (me)?

So I had planned on being vegetarian this whole summer. And in fact I was. Ever since June 1st not a smidgen of living, breathing, feeling animal had entered these lips. Until today. Today I had "cravings". The kind a girl sometimes gets when "Aunt Flow" comes around for a special "visit" and the girl craves salty, fatty junky food. A lot. And it occupies her mind and she can't decide what to eat and is having a really hard time concentrating and gets confused and overwhelmed and is still hungry after all that over-thinking and still has those cravings for something salty and fatty and finds herself oddly going through the drive-thru of an Arctic Circle. I swear I never hardly ever go to fast food places these days. Yet, there I was. Being said girl. And right on the dollar menu, wouldn't you know it, there was this hamburger. And I was this girl with cravings for salty, fatty things and I ordered it. And took it home. And ate it. All of it. And you know what? It wasn't even good.

Oh, and I wasn't even satisfied.


mj said…
Dude, this is totally like when I could finally eat cheese after the baby could handle it and I went for Taco Bell. Uninspiring. I should have held out for delicious baked brie or something.

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