Keep on running

I am running at about a 10 min/mile pace right now. Not very fast. But still, I'm running. I ran 4.25 miles this morning. Feels awesome. The trick is not to overeat. It's tempting. I burn more calories so I'm hungrier. But that is what I did for the half marathon. I didn't lose any weight. Though I did gain some nice leg muscle. So it's healthy eating, healthy running for me. The plan is to run every other day, recover every other day. I'm scheduled to run 7-8 miles on Wed. Oh, and I'm doing this both for weightloss and to run the Provo Halloween Half at the end of Oct.


Dainon. said…
Nice. Training for a half in mid-November out here in FL. My first half, I lost 20 pounds without even trying. Lots of greens, no carbs after 6 and small portions. Follow those three things and you'll do just fine. Worked for me!

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