A Bunny in the Oven?

Well I think Tulip is pregnant. They've "done it" enough she has to be by now. And she's acting feisty and hormonal. She wants me to pet her nose and then changes her mind and tries to bite me, then grunts and pushes her little nose under my hand for another nuzzle. Crazy bunny.

I'm not sure how far along she is, if she is. According to the internets it's tough to determine if a bunny is pregnant bc they don't show like cats, dogs and humans. They just let you wake up to small, hairless creatures that supposedly came from them one morning and then there you have it. Also, I can't let her be around George if she is pregnant bc if she has the babies, George will instinctively kill them. This is also according to the internets (and confirmed by my cousin Blake who raises rabbits in Wyoming). Another thing the internets told me to do to determine possible pregnancy was to feel under her tummy to find out if there were any grape size "lumps" that could be the babies in there. Tulip didn't really like that. And I didn't feel anything.

So Tulip is possibly pregnant and I won't know for another few weeks and the bunnies can't be together which seems okay by Tulip, but seems to make George very bored.


Sherpa said…
How long do bunnies gestate?
SJ said…
28 days

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