So, should I email him back? ;)

Oh geez! It's happening on Facebook now. Messages from people in Africa (in this case Togo) hoping to swindle American's out of their money by messaging them they have a rich relative they never knew or something along those lines:

"Dear Sarah Buhr,

I am Barr.Clinton Tetevi a legal practitioner, I am the personal attorney to D.Buhr, a contractor and businessman.

On the 1st October 2005, our deceased customer,his wife and their only daugther were involved in an automobile accident and It was unfortunate that our deceased customer and his family all lost their lives in an accident.

Do kindly contact me directly on my private email adddress below thus:( for more details inrespect for the claim of his Estate/Fund valued(usd$20.5Million)left behind before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Finance Firm.

Best Regards

Clinton Tetevi (Esq)
Principal Attorney,
Lome Togo.


So, should I email?


peppe said…
haha i got that mail to :) must have been the by far worst try to fool people that i have ever seen.. hilarious!
Anonymous said…
I got the same letter,also from the bank.Is this person sick or what!!!
Charmaine said…
i'm from south africa and even i got the same letter and to top it all its my ex-married surname he contacted me on...... how fake is that. Reported him to facebook

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