Sad news about my animals

A dog hopped my fence this afternoon and killed my bunny and two of my chickens. He almost got the third chicken but I got there just in time and screamed at him and got him away from her. She has his bite marks on her and lots of feathers missing. She may or may not have a broken leg. She was limping, but I put her up in her coop and she somehow flew down from there. I'll be monitoring her to see how bad it is in the next day or so. I am heartsick. I loved that bunny most of all and can't believe most all of my animals are gone just like that. I was so ready to be really mean to the dog, but the dog was very sweet and humble with me. He put his head down and followed me around like nothing had happened. I think he was just doing what a dog does. I don't blame him. I blame the careless owner who just let their dog roam wherever.


abby said…
Sorry for your loss. I guess that's the reality of life on the farm.
mj said…
Oh, I'm sorry. That's so sad. Poor little bunny.
Sherpa said…
That really stinks.

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