Hunny Bunnies

This is Goerge. He's a baby/teen bunny at 4 months old. He still has his little baby face, though. His ear was marked FG1 to keep track of where he was on the pedigree. It's only pen and will fade.

This is Tulip. She's an unusual color as far as Rex's go. She's from about six generations of mixed chocolate (brown furred) and chinchilla (grey furred) rabbits. She's near perfect except for her arms which flop out instead of forward like most bunnies. It's a weird defect I imagine discounts her as a show bunny. Note: Tulip has been in a cage, practically in the dark for most of the 8 months of her life. She is terrified of everything (especially George, who is very interested in her) and is quite unruly/unfriendly and pretty much the opposite of Thumbelina. I might (might) breed her, then maybe give her to someone else or let her just run wild in the yard. She is not good as a pet...but she's pretty (oh and her fur is definitely the softest thing I've ever felt in my life, probably yours, too) .

These are some rare moments she actually let George near her and didn't run away screaming her little bunny scream (she makes a weird, squeaky barking noise). Poor George.  I watch them when they are together so they don't mate. I haven't decided if I'll allow that or not. I have been leaning to letting them mate once just to observe the natural process (I mean of pregnant bunnies and birthing, not to see how they "do it") and then getting them fixed.
Oh, and my roommate got two kittens from the neighbors. I said "okay" to it (I'm not a cat person), as long as they stay outside.

One found it's little way into the bunny cage nesting area and crawled all over Tulip, who barked her squeaky bark, but calmly allowed it.

Poor Tulip. Everyone wants to mount her.


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