Garden Salad

I came back to all sorts of green goodness in the garden, thanks to the mom and dad for watering every day while I was gone. Now the lettuce is about to bolt (that's when it grows up real high and looks like a Christmas tree and gets ready to seed), the mustard greens have gone and flowered, the apples are no more mere blossoms but actually look like tiny baby apples, there are thousands of green plums a growin', beans climbing, flowers bursting and so much more. It's very pleasant back there with all the great growing things and the company of my chickens and bunny.

Picture time!


mj said…
I am jealous. Our garden is pretty lame b/c our yard is so shady. We did use the lettuce to make a salad the other day but it is little and also pretty acidic (probably a bad choice of lettuce seed, not just poor growth). The zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes are a bust. Anyway, you are so hardcore these days with your intense yoga and your somewhat sustainable mini-farm!

p.s., can I borrow a pic of your bunny for a t-shirt idea? a nice portrait shot would do the trick :-).
SJ said…
"borrow" away. Post pics :)

Ya, it's a good life. The lawn needs some work but I'm liking the garden. Although, a nice husband and a pretty baby would be a good trade, I think.

It's funny, the yoga part taught me something about fasting. That inner voice always tells me I don't need to do it. Yesterday I did it. That voice tried to talk me out of it, but I remembered just holding poses forever and fighting with my mind about it and finally just surrendering. It was the same with fasting. I just found the determination and conquered my mind for a little while. And you know sacrifice really does bring blessings, more than just the blessing of overcoming your own mind.

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