Filling the Void

I have two new bunnies. George and Tulip. They came from the same bunny farm as Thumbelina did. They are very cute. George (the red one) is still a baby but will need to get fixed soon (he's already tried to chase and jump on Tulip, who did not like it at all).Tulip is a mix between chocolate and chinchilla so she comes out the most unusual creamy color. They're both just about the softest things you've ever touched in your life. I'll post lots of pics soon.

Update: Tulip is skittish and scratches very hard. My arm and hands are all scratched up and down from trying to get her back in her cage. I may just have to give Tulip back. She's an adult bunny. I was afraid of this. I don't think she was held much. George is young and still trainable. He's learning to be friendly and is okay with being held. It makes me miss Thumbelina. She was pretty much in love with me and followed me everywhere and kissed me when I held her.  This is really hard.


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