Solstice Continued - Tantric Style

Still in beautiful, hot, dry Espanola, NM. Continuing meditation, workshops, yoga...and today was the first day of White Tantric. OH MY LANDS! It's a challenge for both mind and body to just surrender to the pain. I went through several cycles of "Why am I doing this? I don't have to do this. I'm not going to do this. But everyone else is doing this? Am I doing this out of peer pressure? Is there really something to it like everyone says? This is bull crap! It's all made up bull crap! No, I think there is something to it if I just push through. Yes, I think I can do this. Oh man I hurt. I hurt, I hurt, I hurt. I can't do this. Why am I doing this...." and then after 8 hours of holding postures and chanting some pretty ridiculous and long mantras, day one was over. I still have two more days of this, kids. Seriously, WHAT AM I DOING HERE? Part of me is half tempted to take my friends car and just drive down to Oho for a mud bath and hot springs.

Here are some pics from the rest of Solstice here at Ram Das Puri. (I'll post the White Tantric pics when I can get a signal on my phone to email them to my computer):

These are the two 19 year olds I drove down with. They are from Price, Utah

People do Kundalini type yoga on sheepskin (even though they are vegetarians...go figure)

Yep, that's what we shower in. Picture these with a bunch of bare naked yoga hippies. The bathrooms look just about the same.

This was a womens circle workshop I attended
Ayurvedic medicine workshop

Peace Prayer Day where all nations came to hold the flame and then they prayed for peace to Mother Earth.

Ranjeet from Boston (but probably India cuz he had an accent like he was originally from there)

 This is how they serve us food. We sit in lines and they go around and fill our bowls. It's called "lunger".

Some guy and a bunch of other people taking pictures at International Peace Prayer Day


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