I guess I might sorta be okay with green eggs and ham, Sam I am

So I went to the new ward. It wasn't actually so bad after all. I went for a visit just to, you know, "check things out" on Sunday. Yes, there were plenty of people who seemed to have just given up on their appearances. But not everyone was like that. There were even a few good looking guys. And people were really nice. Business like. But nice. A weird guy who couldn't stop talking about the difference between men and women sat next to me in sacrament meeting (inevitable), but otherwise it wasn't as creepy as I had imagined. The reason may be that this ward in particular is set up so that you have to be attending regularly (6 out of your first 8 times for them to even consider transferring your records), temple worthy, between the ages of 31-45 and get a letter of recommendation from your previous bishop before you can be in it. I assume it filters out a lot.

However, compared to my fun little Avenues ward, the people were boring. Standard, businessy, boring. They gave standard, appropriate answers in Sunday school (nothing deep, interesting), mostly wore business attire and reveled in FHE activities like "time management". Boooooring! There is a slight part of me that I admit entertains the idea of just going inactive again for this reason. I'd like to not do that, though, if I can.

But overall they were nice, non-creepy and kinda okay otherwise. I am sorta formulating in my head that maybe I'm there to spice things up a bit. You know how I do.


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