Don't you know who I am? Or, okay, fine, be that way!

In the last month I've acquired a new office, new printer and fax, new rug, new clients, new house plants and now even a new ward. Yes, finally, I've been kicked to what some may call (mainly me) the "loser old people ward". I really loved the ward I was in because the majority of us in there were in our late twenties to early 30's, with college educations, hip jobs, hip personalities and made for great, intellectual Sunday school conversations. However, this could not last. Now all those over the age of 30 have been asked to leave and go to the older ward. I should mention this is a very special kind of singles older ward. It's for anyone ages 30 and up (which means 60 year old divorcee weirdos and older women who scowl at you because you are not as fat and frumpy as them).

Writing this all down so honestly I realize may make me seem shallow. Perhaps I am. I'm confronting that right now. It's just I really liked where I was. It fit me. And now I'm afraid I'll be in the ward with what some have labeled "the land of misfit toys".

It's not about dating. It's about feeling comfortable. I don't have to date in my ward and well, things are going well in that department anyway. It's just I don't relate. That and I don't want to have to figure out escape plans from fat older men who won't leave me alone...or deal with mean glares from older, frumpy women who've given up on themselves. Forgive me if I come off as conceited, but in all honesty I'm still young and hip and cute, college educated, active and have a lot going for myself. I shouldn't be in a place that makes me feel like hiding all that or feeling bad for it. I really wish the church would develop a singles ward for those age 25 to 40 instead of lumping us in with just everyone who is single, super old and weird.


erinannie said…
We need to chat. I'm writing an article for the Ensign on exactly this subject. I would love your 2 cents!
Sherpa said…
Honestly? Try out the family ward. You might be surprised.

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