We've all been "hornswoggled"

My parents have forwarded their mail to me whilst they go traveling about the country on their retired people RV adventure.

I've come to realize how marketers attempt to pray on the old and paranoid just by reading the outside of some of the junk mail envelopes sent to my dad. One in particular came in the mail today with a black and white picture of some dude wearing a Russian bear hat. The wording on the outside of the envelope read, "If this guy is right, we've all been hoodwinked, hornswoggled, bamboozled, duped & deceived by those we trust". Most of these types of mail have to do with fear and distrust of our government. Yes all of them. The whole government. They are all somehow in on it together to make our lives miserable and it's a big conspiracy.

Personally I'm appalled the people sending these are trying to make a mint off of senior citizen paranoia.

I really like how it says we've all been duped AND deceived. But really, it was hornswoggled that got me. Is that even a word?

Well, I wondered, so I Googled it, and it is indeed a word, though not one listed in Wikipedia. It means, according to thefreedictionary.com to bamboozle and deceive! So really, all these marketers had to do was insert words that all mean the same thing, but sound totally ridiculous and then tell the ultra conservative old people that they are marketing to that it is the government, all of them, that is lying to them. Big government is hornswoggling us by providing free health care, education and libraries! Oh no!

Eye roll here.

The funny thing is, this sort of language is quite similar to the chain emails I get passed along from my dad from time to time. Also, those have to do with the government. What is happening to the old people here?


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