Today I planted a peach tree. Red Haven. Those, if you don't know, are truly the best, most succulent, tangy and sweet peaches on Earth. Also, bonus, the chickens eat all possible bugs that would hurt my tree, thus saving me from having to spray it and thus saving me from having to spray cancer-causing chemical treatments. Oh, also, while I was digging to plant the tree I discovered an old skeleton key. Well, it looks old. Or it could just be that it's been exposed to the elements? Either way, it's cool. Lots of stuff you can do with something like that. The guy at an antique store I went to a few months ago was selling them for $10 a pop. I think I'll make it into a necklace.

Side note - the chickens are quite leary of the bunny. Bunny has figured this out and now thinks it's a game to chase them. I love my urban farm.


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