Talkin bout my girls

Tyler and I went and picked up the chickens today. Four of them. Two each, or three for me and one for Tyler, once Tyler makes up her mind if she wants one or two. And they are beautiful! Silver Laced Wyandottes, dating back to the 1700's (geneologically). Tyler already named hers Tandoori, which is a bit morbid, but also kinda funny. I'm thinking naming one of mine Clucky Lucky, and then maybe the others Bianca and Suzette. I'm sitting on those to familiarize myself with the girls a little more.

The gals we got are all full grown, about a year old. The baby chicks at IFA were quite adorable (and I really wanted one of the baby ducks). However, these Wyandottes are are a special, rare breed and totally free (the previous owner had way too many, 22 and a rooster and a fridge full of maybe 8 dozen too many eggs). This breed is a good one to have. They're winter hardy, docile and lay large brown eggs full of Omega 3's if I feed them right. They'll also eat my bugs and spiders and give great fertilizer for lawn and garden (if you know what I mean). Check out the coop and more pics of the girls below:

"You talkin' to me?"


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