How bout all that "Hopey Changey Stuff"?

Health Care Reform has passed and sure to be signed by Mr. Pres into law. So how do you feel now that you could be covered (or even if you already are covered) and how do you think this will affect you now?


Sherpa said…
Doesn't affect me, I hope it helps the uninsured and changes our health care system for the better.
SJ said…
I hope somewhere in there it does that, too. There are a lot of pluses and minuses for me. I am self-employed and could not afford insurance before. Not sure that I can now...and now I'll be fined if I don't have it. Uh, gee, thanks? Also, if I want to hire someone I must get them health insurance or be fined $2000. Not sure how that helps those with starter businesses who needed affordable insurance the most.

On the other hand, the law that insurance companies can't refuse someone based on a pre-existing condition is really good. One of the biggest debts folks have in our country is medical bill debt.

I'm all for universal health insurance, just wish this was a different plan, not the one we got.

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