Did I tell y'all already that I'm training for a half marathon? Did I also tell you that after I decided I was doing this and then registered and made it real that the Salt Lake Marathon committee came knocking on my door and that I'm now their publicist this year? Well, all of that is happening.

Also, I started training and then got the flu last week so went a week without running. I finally ran again on Friday and then went 3.64 miles on Saturday. That was my long run. The race is six weeks away. This means I've really got to step up my game. But also, this year is going to be awesome cuz I'm in charge of spreading the word. And you know how I do. At least I think you do.


mj said…
good for you. that's one mighty exact distance, btw. pedometer?
SJ said…
This one was calculated according to the treadmill, although I also have a Nike ipod device as well as an app on my Google phone called BuddyRunner which calculates the distance for me if I run outside.

It's all about the hi-tech. I've got a heart rate monitor strapped to my chest, the ipod, nike ipod device in my shoe, a body bugg to calculate calories and the phone app, plus google maps to map it at the end, lol.

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