Oh, that Salt Lake Marathon

Did I mention I'm running a half marathon in April? I start training this Tues with Angela Martindale's Running Transformation Clinic in Liberty Park. Did I also mention I've never run a race IN MY LIFE?

Not even when I used to run up Provo Canyon that delirious year I lived in the bubble and worked for the BYU and ran 4 miles a day. Never did a race.

I went and got a good sports massage this evening for good measure. She said I rotate my feet out. Translation, pay attention to that so I don't ruin my knees. I'll have to watch for that. The gal that massaged me is from Scotland, Sinead. She massages Jazz players and triathletes, too. But you can find her at Massage Envy. It was not relaxing for most of it, but I seem to be able to handle an uncommon amount of pain by just breathing through it. And it was well worth working out all the kinks.

I'll keep you in the know on my progress. Like right now I'm running a 12 min mile. Two goals, pay attention to putting my feet forward and get faster.


George Marie said…
I've started running again, too. When I was running track in high school, I once clocked a 4:42 mile. I don't think I am even close to doing a 8 minute mile now....
ProvoBoy said…
Why do you refer to your living in my home town as a "delirous year"?

Some people don't know a good thing when it's sitting in their lap :(
SJ said…
Oh Smitty, you were there that year. You know the delirious I speak of.

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