My Sun Kil Moon Pandora

Been listening to a new station I created on Pandora featuring Sun Kil Moon. I must say it's the best station yet. Sun Kil Moon is the creation of Mark Kozelek after leaving Red House Painters (a band I must admit I never cared for). However, Sun Kil Moon was a pleasant discovery. Especially "Carry Me, Ohio". Saddest love song ever. No idea what it has to do with Ohio, but that one line "Sorry that I could never love you back" but in the song he says she means more than anyone and he really seems to miss this gal. The other one I love is "Neverending Math Equation". The station also plays other favorites from Iron and Wine, Pedro the Lion, Jose Gonzalez and Mark Kozelek himself. If you want to make this your background work, home, whatever music from my station you can here

If you use Pandora, or have in the past, what's your favorite station?


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