It's back

Apparently that snow storm was just a slight hiccup. We're back to springiness here. 38 degrees this morning on my run (around 9 am). I used the Buddy Runner app on my phone again (I have the Google Android MyTouch). I went to Liberty Park this time. The app tracks how far I ran, my pace, time, and even shows me my route on Google Maps. Pretty awesome. I did better this time. I'm still running a 12 min mile, but it's only the second go so I'm not too worried about that. I ran 2.03 miles this time. According to the GPS satelite on the phone app, it's is 1.43 miles around the park just once if you are running on the outermost trail. Good to know. Perfect weather for a run. Refreshing, mostly cloudy with a little sun. It felt good, but man my inner thighs hurt now. I'm working on all that. I've also signed myself up to train for a half marathon. I've never even run a race. One of my clients is a fitness and nutrition guru. I'm working with her to train. I'm a little scared about being pushed, but it's something I want to do in life so here I am creating the possibility of doing that and stepping in and doing it.


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